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My prototype for March 10th. I was making some prototypes every day, but I didn't upload them. In this game I tried some keyboard movement mechanic. There are hexagon tiles. You try to reach to the green tile after collecting all the orange tiles. You can rest on a tile at most 2 seconds.

Controls are a bit different in this one. Since these are hexagons, you can move up right or bottom right for example. For this, I made something like this: If you press right, you go right. If you first press up and then right you go up right. If you press down first and then right, you go down right. It makes quick movements challenging. Luckily, you don't need to be very quick. Quick enough is good enough.

There are only six levels, since this is a prototype. But I might explore more in the future this movement mechanic.



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hexa-gone-win32.zip 3 MB
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