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I just so happened to see one of your games pop up and saw that you were doing a game a day so thought I'd play through them.

I was expecting something shorter but I've been playing/failing for an hour and really enjoying it.

The puzzles feel flexible enough that there can be multiple solutions (making you feel clever for working a way out rather than just understanding what the designer had planned).

Replaying levels doesn't feel repetitive - it feels more like you are honing your skills. The longer you go on the more solutions you have to keep in your head. I don't think it would feel the same if you restarted the level again after each death.

Some really nice callbacks to previous puzzles with different mechanics layered in.

The one thing that did get a little frustrating was the detection for being "off" an edge did feel a little unforgiving at points but other than that. Good Job!

Hi, Marcamillian! Your point is valid I think. I thought about making the collision with black more forgiving by making the collision box smaller, and I thought about making the movement grid-based, like in hexa-gone, if you played it. I have to think about it.

Thanks a lot for the invaluable feedback!